Objectives :

Bakht Alruda University seeks to achieve the following objectives

1. Conducting scientific and applied research related to the different needs of society and renewable for his service and elevate it.

2. Development trends of modern scientific methods in education and work to prepare and qualify specialized educational leaders.

3. Care modern education curriculum, content , application and relied upon in the preparation of qualified specialists and they have the ability to confront problems of applied scientific research.

4. attention to human development issues, thought and religious values.

5. confirm the identity of the nation and establish it through a curriculum approved by the university and applied

6. technical innovation and using them to serve the Sudanese community in collaboration with universities and institutions of higher education and scientific research to other countries.

7.he attention of public Sudanese environment and White Nile State environment, rehabilitation Staff able to promote it and solving the state issues related .to   environment

Prepare students in accordance with the purposes and goals of the university and give them a scientific holidays


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