The University has the following objectives:

  1. Affirmation and authentication nation’s identity via its assigned curricula and their application. 
  2. Innovating and utilizing technology to serve the Sudanese community in collaboration with other institutions of higher education and scientific research in the country.
  3. Preservation of Sudanese environment in general and the environment in the White Nile State particularly in addition to preparing capable cadres so as to improve it and solve the stakes issues pertinent to environment problems.  
  4. Conducting scientific and applied researches catering to the various and changing needs of the community in order to serve and develop the country.
  5. Developing modern scientific trends in education and endeavor to prepare and qualify specialized educational leaders.
  6. Taking care of modern education in its curricula, contents and application rely on it in preparing competent professional capable to confront problems via applied scientific research.
  7. Taking care of human development issues, thought and religious values.
  8. Preparing students in accordance with the aims and objectives of the university and awarding them certificates.

The university supports freedom of religions, thought and scientific research and assert non-discrimination among their students and staff on the basis of creed, race or sex.

About UofB

Since the Higher Education revolution set off and the expansion caused by the revolution. A group of local notables Duwaim initiated to catch up, commit several meetings in Duwaim continued meetings in Khartoum, the active participation of the people from Duwaim in the National Capital . In order to prepare additional memorandum Foundation calls for the establishment of the university in the region.

UofB Leaders

Vice Chancellor 
Principal of University
Secretary of Scientific Affairs 
Secretary of Student Affairs