The Deanship of Student Affairs at the University of Bakht  is one component of the Department of the University of BakhtAlruda established in 1997 and since the establishment of the university and to assume full supervision of all matters pertaining to the students during their university studies, it graze all relevant academic grove and non-academic and employment of students' abilities and talents and take care of the students and solve their social problems and rehabilitated psychologically and culturally and mathematicallyDean of Student Affairs is also working to create the appropriate environment for the university collection of scientific and educational  role, which is reflected positively on the student's personality, As Dean of Student Affairs plays a growing role in the upbringing and development of the students on love home and goodness and virtueAnd it is considered legitimate agent who acts  of students in all departments of the university, which made it the focus of attention of students in which relevant activity and social care and support of student creations and thierabmition for good  environment university  with the stability of academics with a focus on those  students who had   special needs .

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