Welcome to University of Bakhtalruda

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In the name of of Allah the Merciful 

 Foreign affairs   fuaclty is member of  the Scientific Association of Deans of the Faculty of Education under the  Arab member of the Association of Arab Universities.     

Departments college: -

The college has the following academic departments: -

  1. Department of Islamic Studies
  2. Department of Arabic Language.
  3. Department of English  Language
  4. Department of History
  5. Department of Geography
  6. Biology department
  7. Department of Physics
  8. Department of Chemistry.
  9. Department of Mathematics.
  10. Department of Educational Sciences.
  11. Grove section
  12. Program of distant study  
  13. Post graduate program faculty.

About UofB

Since the Higher Education revolution set off and the expansion caused by the revolution. A group of local notables Duwaim initiated to catch up, commit several meetings in Duwaim continued meetings in Khartoum, the active participation of the people from Duwaim in the National Capital . In order to prepare additional memorandum Foundation calls for the establishment of the university in the region.

UofB Leaders

Vice Chancellor of University Prof . Gadalla ...
Secretary of Scientific Affairs Dr.Motaz Bakri ...
Principal of University Dr.Yousif Khogaly read ...