The goals of the Computer Center

The center aims to achieve the following objectives through the use of computers: -

-Adoption of appropriate operating systems, and application programs to meet the needs of university students and -members of the two Commissions and administrative academy .

-Provide training opportunities in computer applications and uses of individuals inside and outside the university

-Presented consulting and public services using computer governmental and private institutions.

-Supervision and follow-up of all projects related to information technology, which the university contracted with other parties for its implementation..

-Creating and maintaining internal organization and development of the university Web site and to ensure that the information it contains be constantly renewed network..                

-Analysis and design necessary to support the administrative requirements of programs in order to build a computerized system within the university.

-Develop policies and strategies for dealing with a clear orientation of the university in the field of information technology and make the most of the possibilities available..

- Support programs for the study away of university and by providing advanced communication and networking services both inside and outside Sudan.



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