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Employees: 258
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Guard: 98

Introduction to medical studies 3wks

The concept of community oriented medicine

Introduction to primary health care

Medical education and new concept in medicine

Medical history

Role of islamic civilization in medicine

Medical ethics

Medical statistic and medical data management


Field visit to health centers

Medical physics 3wks

Introduction Dynamic

Heat and properties of matter

Optic and their medical application

Electromagnetic and its use in medicine

Modern physics and its application in medicine

Nuclear physics .x-rays, isotopes and irradiation their uses in medical field

Biology 3wks

Definition of biology as sciences branch

Cytology (the cell)

Introduction to general histology

Comparative anatomy between vertebrate and avertebrates


Chemistry 3wks

Organic chemistry as introduction to biochemistry

The functional groups

Chemistry of




Nucleic acids


Introduction to Vitamins

Computer 2wk


Soft and hard ware

Operating systems        

Man and his environment 2wks

Distribution of body fluids, their volumes measurement and composition in each compartment

Transportation across phospholipids bilayer

Transportation through carriers

Endocytosis, exocytosis, active and passive transport


Autonomic nervous system


Biochemistry and nutrition 4wks

Concept of nutrition

Nutritional survey

Nutritional assessment

The nutrients and their metabolism

Utilization of




Genetic and Mendel`s laws of hereditary

Chromosomal abnormalities

Endocrinology and metabolism

Carbohydrates metabolism (glycogen)

Lipid metabolism concerning synthesis transport and storage

Synthesis of amino acids

Metabolism of nucleic acids and proteins

Molecular genetic

Gene expression and genetic techniques

Biochemistry of hormones, hormone action and signal transduction

Anatomy of anterior triangle

Growth anatomy, histology and embryology of

Endocrine pancreas



Adrenal gland

Neuro-endocrine relationship

Physiology of

Endocrine pancreas



Adrenal gland

Hormones that control calcium metabolism

Other endocrine organ and their hormones

Physiology of gonads and their hormones

The pathology of

Endocrine pancreas



Adrenal gland

The inborn errors of metabolism

Clinical examination of endocrine system and its investigation

Surgical complication of diabetes

Surgical complication of thyroidectomy

Radiological changes of endocrine system


1- Development of the genital & urinary systems.

2- Menstrual cycle, ovulation, fertilization ,implantation

3- Puberty and menopause

4- Maternal physiology during pregnancy

5- The placenta

6- Bones of the pelvis

7- Pelvic muscles, Arteries, Veins& Lymphatics

8- Hormones of pregnancy and lactation

9- An introduction to obstetric and gynecology

10- Symptoms and signs of pregnancy

11- Diagnosis of pregnancy and antenatal care

12- Urinary tract infection in pregnancy

13- Normal labour

14- The puerperium and lactation

15- Circumcision

16- Ovarian & uterine masses

17- Sexually transmitted diseases

18- Primary amenorrhea, etiology and treatment

19- Abortion

20- Hyperemesis Gravidarum

21- Multiple pregnancy

22- Bleeding in early pregnancy – Abortion

23- Ectopic pregnancy –Hydatiform (vesicular) mole

24- Ante- partum Hemorrhage

25- Malaria ,with pregnancy

26- Pre- Eclampsia and Eclampsia

27- Hypertensive states of pregnancy and Anaemia in pregnancy

28- Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy

29- Malposition and malpresentations

30- Complex(compound) presentation

31- Other malpresentations .& Malposition:

         i-Brow presentation

       ii-Occipito-posterior position

       iii- Transverse or oblique lie

       iv- Breech presentation

32- Preterm labor


       i-Abnormal uterine action

       ii- Rupture of the uterus

34- Complications of the third stage labour –post partum hemorrhage

35- Fibroid

36- Ovarian masses

37- Amenorrhea- Dysmenorrhea-Dyspareunia

38- Cesarean section, indications and complications

39- Postmenopausal bleeding

40- Infertility

41- Family planning

42- Endometrial and cervical cancers

43-Radiation therapy

                                            General Surgery

Time 16 week              

By the end of the surgery course  

1- Describe and do the following or under supervision

- Intramuscular &intravenous injection

- Intravenous infusion

-Take blood samples

- Insertion of nasogastric tube

- Insertion of urinary catheter

- Suturing, Dressing the wound

- Abscess drainage

- Steps in digital rectal examination

- Vene punctum

- Reduction fixation of closed fracture in slab or plaster

- Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation

2)Skills required to be attended

-To attend some operations sush appendicictomy, herniorrhaphy, haemorrhoidectomy.

- Insertion of endotracheal tube

- Use of ambo bag in artificial respiration

- Lumbar puncture


- Insertion of chest tube

3) Knowledge &understanding the following emergency problems.

- Head trauma

- Chest trauma

- Abdominal trauma

- Musculoskeletal trauma

- Hand trauma infections

- Burn management

- Multiple injured patient management

- Management of upper and lower GI bleeding

- Painful Ano- rectal condition

- Painful scrotal conditions

- Acute urine retention

- Diabetic wounds

- Severe infections

- Cardiac arrest

- Acute and chronic osteomyetitis

4) Paediatric surgery

- Pyloric stenosis

- Acute intestinal obstruction

- Acute appendicitis and peritonitis

- Imperforate anus &anal stenosis

- Umbilical inguinal hernia

- Birth trauma

-Testicular torsion

- Undescended testes

- Hydrocele

- Hydrocephalas

- Cleft lip a palate

- Epispadia &Hypospadia

5) Recognition the following surgical problems.

- Oral & pharyngeal tumors

- Neck swellings

- Breast swelling a nipple discharge

- Dysphagia

- Epigastric pain

- Lumbar pain

- Abdominal masses

- Renal masses

- Rectal tumors

- Obstructive jaundice

- Groin swellings

- Hematuria

- Obstructive uropathy

- Extremities tumors

- Skin tumors ulcers

- Back pain & disc prolapse

- Lower limbs ischemia, acute a chronic


General orthopedic

   - Diagnosis & management of bone diseases

   - Congenital anomalies of skeletal system

   - Infection of bones are joints

   - Tuberculosis of the bone &joints

   - Leprosy

   - Chronic arthritis

     - Disease of vertebral column

     - Bone tumors

     - Peripheral neuritis injuries

     - Fracture of different parts of skeleton

     - Diseases of tendon and thin sheath

     - Spinal fracture &its complications                                                    

     Extremities :-

     - Leg and foot

     - Knee                      

     - Thigh a hip joint

     - Hand a wrist                  

     - Fore arm and arm

     - Shoulder and shoulder Girdle


1- Introduction about the national centre for treatment with radiation and nuclear medicine

2- Describe the following tumors its diagnosis and its treatment.

   - Nasopharyngeal carcinoma

     - Gastrointestinal tumors

     - Genito- urinary tumors

     - Respiratory system tumors

     - Lymph nodes tumors

     - Malignant blood Diseases

     - Modalities of treatment

1- Surgery

2- Radiation

3- Chemo therapy

4- Immunotherapy                                                              


- Introduction to anaesthesia

- Pre- operative

- Pre- medication

- Intravenous Anaesthetics

- Inhalational Anaesthetics

- Anaesthetic machines gas cylinders

- Principle of anaesthesia

- Muscle relaxants

- Endo- tracheal intubation

- Laryngeal masks

- Ventilation

- Local Anesthetics and method of use

- Tracheostomy

- Intensive care units a intermediate units                                                                                                                                      

Emergency medicine


-Gastro intestinal bleeding                                                      

-Chest pain

Respiratory distress-


- Pyrexia of unknown origin

-Acute abdominal pain


-Food poisoning

-Cardiac arrest



-Brain tumours




Subarachnoid hemorrhage -

-Subdural and Extradural hemorrhage

-Acute meningitis

-Brian abscess


-Acute bacterial meningitis


-Multible sclerosis

Parkinson`s disease-

-Wilson disease                                                                                      


Corea -


Brain stem                                                                                                 


-Spinal cond

Peripheral neuritises                                                                            

-Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

-Yellow fever

-Reketsial fever

Malaria                                                                                                             -

-Amoebic sysontry

Leshmonasis -


Schistosomiasis -






Typhoid fever                                                                                     


-relapsing fever


: Gastro-intestinal tract                                                                                 


Mouth ulcer


Hiatus hernia

Peptic ulcer

Duodenal ulcer-

Zollingcr-Elison syndrome


-Carcinoma of the stomach



Small intestine                                                         


Intestinal obstruction                                                                         

Terminal illits-

Large intestine                                                                                

Irritable bowel syndrome -

-Cronus disease

-Ulcerative collitis

Gastro intestinal bleeding -







Connective tissue disease -

Reiter's disease-

-Psoriatic arthritis                                                                        

- Bachcet’s disease

-Septic arthritis

-Systemic lupus erythematosus

Cardiovascular disease:

-Acute coronary diseases                                                                                   Cardiomyopathy

Pericardial disease -

-Acute pericarditis

-Chrocir pericarditis


Respiratory disease:-                                                                

Acute bronditis-

-Chronic bronditis



-Tuberculosis                                                                                                       - Pulmonary TB-

Bronchial asthma -

5\Aquired immune deficiency syndrome                          


Gonorrhea -

Acute glomerulo nephritis   -


Remal colic                                                                                           -


Pituitary gland :-

Hypo & hyperpituitarism-

Tumours of pituitary gland                                                              -

: -Thyroid gland                                                                                        

-Hypo & hyperptiuitarism                                                    

-Suprarenal gland                                                                                    

Hypo & Hyper adrenacism :-

-Tumous of suprarenal

Diabetes mellitus -

7\Liver & billiary system


Acute hepatitis-

-Liver liprhosis

Portal hypertension                                                                           -

-Hepatic coma

-Liver tumours

Liver abscess-


-Wilson’s disease


About UofB

Since the Higher Education revolution set off and the expansion caused by the revolution. A group of local notables Duwaim initiated to catch up, commit several meetings in Duwaim continued meetings in Khartoum, the active participation of the people from Duwaim in the National Capital . In order to prepare additional memorandum Foundation calls for the establishment of the university in the region.

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