Welcome to University of Bakhtalruda

                                                                      Vice Chancellor of University

                                                                      Prof . Gadalla Abdalla El-Hassan read more  



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  Principal of University                               Secretary of Scientific Affairs                      Secretary of Student Affairs

Dr.Yousif Khogaly read more                      Dr.Hima Alamin Alsadig read more                Dr.Motaz BakriHaj Ahmed read more 


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   Dean of Postgraduate Studies                                   Secretary of Libraries                                    Dean of Education Mabrouka
   Dr.Elfatih Ahmed Mohammed
            Dr. Abd Alhameid Abbas  read more            Dr. Rabie Mohammed  read more



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 Manager of CITC                                       Dean of the Faculty of Science                             Dean of the Faculty of Education

 Dr. Murtada E. Eltaher  read more                Dr. Essam El-Din Ali  read more                      Dr.Fadol AbdELbagi 


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Dean of Faculty of Arts                                    Dean of Faculty of Agriculture                      Manager of Distance Learning

Dr.Abdul Baqi  FarajAlham read more             Dr. Khaled albashir read mor                        Dr.  Ali Elhassan Mohammed read more


 yagot                                        mohmmed                                                    د.محمدالحسن

 Dean of Faculty of Neaima                         Dean of Faculty of Commuenty Development        Manager of TCC

Dr. Alyaqwoat mohammed read more     Prof.mohmmed ELhassenread more                   D.mohamed Hassen read more







About UofB

Since the Higher Education revolution set off and the expansion caused by the revolution. A group of local notables Duwaim initiated to catch up, commit several meetings in Duwaim continued meetings in Khartoum, the active participation of the people from Duwaim in the National Capital . In order to prepare additional memorandum Foundation calls for the establishment of the university in the region.