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Personal  information’s

Name:Dr.Hima Alamin Elsadiq Elasam

University of Bakht-er-Ruda, EDDUeim, White Nile State.

Faculty: Education – Bakht   er-Ruda- University.

Specialization: Curriculum and Methods of Teaching.

Post: Associate professor

Date and place of birth:EDDueim,white Nile State 1972.

Martal Stateus :Married

Rank of Post : Secretary of the Academic Affairs University of Bakht-er-Ruda Academic Affairs.



Adress: white Nile State EDDUeim, University of Bakht-er-Ruda Academic Affairs.

Email: hima .

Scholar Qualifications:

1.Bacholar Arts and Education-(honor)-History-, University of Khartom, Faculty of Educatian1996.

2.Master- Curriculum of Teaching Methods-Faculty of Education, University of Khartom1999.

3.Doctorate, Faculty of Education- University of Khartom.2003.

Scientific Activities

Firstly: Participation in the Professional Work and Civil Community Service.

1.Participation in Arrangement and Presentation of Scientific Papers in and out of the Sudan.

2.Leader of the Professional Education Committee(Especially in Designing and Execution of Education the Professional Programme of Education Concerning the Students of the Faculty of Education- University of Bakht-er-Ruda2007-2008)

3.First Responsible of the Professional Education Committee- the Faculty of Basic Education ,Mobrroka2011 till  now.

4.Participation in the Discussion and Supervision of the Educational Researches the Students of Higher Diploma. Master and Doctorate-Faculty of Education University of Bakht-er-Ruda .

5. Supervision in Training of  new teachers of the stages-Basic and Secondary, white Nile State EDDUeim Locality.

6. Supervision over the distance Education Center Examination, Khartoum  State 2003.

7.Paticipation in setting the Curriculum and Developing the Programmes of the two Educational Faculties, Secondary and Basic University of Bakht-er-Ruda .

8. Participation in the Administrative and Academic Committees, University of Bakht-er-Ruda .

9. Participation in the Civil Committee Service, Specially Concerning fighting and standing against  the harmful habits  as Females circumcision  and Community Service Centers, and Training  of new Teachers.


The Teaching Session and Conferences

  1. Participated in the Effectiveness and Efficiency and Policies of  the third Conference for  general Education in the white Nile State under the  Slogan- Education is the Industry of the Future, The National Centre for the Curriculum and Scientific Research, of Bakht-er-Ruda EDDUeim, White Nile State, November 2011.
  2. Participated in the Effectiveness and Efficiency in the National Conference for Education, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-under the Slogan- Education is the Future Industry-Friend ship Hall,Khartoum.19/February  till 21/ February2012.
  3. Participated in the Effectiveness of the Scientific Conference the

     Miracles and Prodigies in the Holly Guaran and Shurra,University

    of Bakht-er-Ruda EDDUeim, white Nile State, the Sudan july2012.

  1. Attendance and Participation in the Training Symposiums and the

 different Workshop and the Educational Seminars in may  deferent Subjects(Vocational, Academic and Social)

  1. Training  Seminars and Symposiums –Preparing Research Papers,

Administration of Projects and Computer.


1.In the Sphere of Bachelor in the general and private Teaching Methods. History  of Education in the Sudan, Educational Administration and Community Development.

2.In the Domain of  the Higher Studies, High Diploma and Master that appears in the, Educational Philosophy, History  of Education, general Teaching Methods, Educational Principles, , History  of Education in the Sudan, Educational Affairs, School Books Designing ,Curriculums of , Educational Research, and the Principals of the Islamic Education.


The Administration Job in the university;

1.Head of the Education Sciences Department, Faculty of Education- University of of Bakht-er-Ruda 2002.

2.Deputy of the Dean, Faculty of Education University of of Bakht-er-Ruda 2007-2011.

3. Dean of, Faculty of Baisic Education-Mabarooka collage October2011.

4. Head of the Education Philosophy and its History- Faculty of Education,November2012until now.

5-Member of the Committee of Results and Prize and Awards-the Academic Affairs University of of Bakht-er-Ruda.

6. Member of the Scientific Committee ,Academic Affairs, University of of Bakht-er-Ruda.

7. Member of the Committee responsible for promotions,upgrading for the teaching staff,University of Bakhat-er-Ruda2009 until now.


Scientific Published Papers

First: The research published well-nit magazines:

1.Research Paper under the heading(title)(Effectiveness of the Faculties of Education, University o Bakhat-er-Ruda  in theService of the Civil Community),Educational Sudies Magazine,(National Curruculm Research Centre, Bakhat-er-Ruda. EDDUeim2012.

2. Research Paper titled(The Effectiveness of the Functional Educational in the Development of Teaching Skill up the Educational Skills up on the Educational colleges)the Scientific Magazine, University of Bakhat-er-Ruda EDDUeim 2013.

3. Research Paper under the title(The Effectiveness of the clarity of the Geographical Concept with the Secondary Schools Teachers in the Sudan),the Scientific Magazine, University ofAL mam Almahdi-White Nile State, Kosti Town,2014.

4.Participated in Preparation of  a research paper titled(Historical View and Critique on the Development of the general Education Curriculum in the Sudan, for the Colonial rule up to the National Period) Education Studies Magazine, National Curriculum Centre, Bakhat-er-Ruda(31) 2015.

5. Participated in Setting a Research Paper relating to (interest of students of the Educational Faculties, University of Bakhat-er-Ruda in the Environmental Education (Studies) University of Bakhat-er-Ruda Scientific Magazine,issueNo15, University of Bakhat-er-Ruda EDDUeimDecember2015.Secondly:Published Researches in other     Per-decal.


1.work Paper addressed(Samples of Educational Practical and Feasible Working Paper in the world and other changeable Options) University of Bakhat-er-Ruda, Academic Affairs Hall2011.

2.Work Paper titled Skills and Dexterity of Time Management University of Bakhat-er-Ruda, Academic Affairs Hall2012.

Thirdly: Published Books

1.PracticalEducation Guide, University of Bakhat-er-Ruda,Faculty of Education,Mobrooka2012.

2.Punishment Substitutes for the Modification of the Students Behaviors, Omdurman,Dar Afag for Computer2014.

3. Participated in the  Arrangement and Writing and Compilation Manual for the Students of Faculties of Education(T 2) University of Bakhat-er-Ruda,Faculty of Education,Mobrooka2015.

About UofB

Since the Higher Education revolution set off and the expansion caused by the revolution. A group of local notables Duwaim initiated to catch up, commit several meetings in Duwaim continued meetings in Khartoum, the active participation of the people from Duwaim in the National Capital . In order to prepare additional memorandum Foundation calls for the establishment of the university in the region.