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Dean Deanship  of Student Affairs speech:

The Dean of Student Affairs is one of the baptisms, consisting of the University of BakhtAlruda concernedwith students to serve and care them  intellectually and psychologically and culturally and athletes across several different activities, and aims through these programs to the academic stability to the university and to strengthen the capacities of university student

In the same context, the Deanship of Student Affairs prepare, the processing facilities for the conduct of cultural, sporting, artistic and social activities in order to build an integrated personal eligible for the success of students in every phases of li their journeys life

The Dean of Student Affairs is aware that talent is not limited to providing them the basic cognitive science in the classroom or activity yards but only through attention as a member of the National Textile  and development of intellectual trends and  compassionate to become student  of BakhtAlruda university active member of the community.

Dr : MotazBakri                               

Dean of Deanship of student affairs

About UofB

Since the Higher Education revolution set off and the expansion caused by the revolution. A group of local notables Duwaim initiated to catch up, commit several meetings in Duwaim continued meetings in Khartoum, the active participation of the people from Duwaim in the National Capital . In order to prepare additional memorandum Foundation calls for the establishment of the university in the region.

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