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Regulations granting graduate degrees

Deanship  of  postGraduate Studies and Scientific Research  at the University of Bakht Alruda obtain  degrees of higher diploma and MMS and PHD degrees in various disciplines

- Higher Diploma:

1-1 Admission and registration requirements

(A)    Admission Higher Diploma requires a bachelor's degree from the University of Bakht Alruda or the equivalent in any other recognized university

   (  B )The student should be full-time in whole or in part, according to the study requirements.

(C) records the student if it meets the above conditions and after the payment of registration fees and tuition fees planned

(D) The student's registration shall be canceled according to  the recommendation of the graduate coordinator of the college concerned

-2 courses:

 -Determine the theoretical and practical subjects taught in each program, after approval by the Council of professors based on what provided the college concerned Council

- 3 Study system:

 (A) follow classes and credit hours system follows.

 (B) semester consists of fifteen weeks

- 4 period of the study:

The study period  between  2-3 classes by courses only

1-5 exams

(A) exams held at the end of each semester 

.(B) No student is allowed to sit for the exams unless completed a study specific courses Higher Diploma. 

(C) No student is allowed to sit for the exams he is  not paid tuition fees .

(D) allows the student who fails in any subject to sit for the exam remove repetition only once and gives the degree that he get with a doubling of the number of credit hours of the subject. 

(E)  the Graduate Studies Committee of the collage may allow the  student who attended all the courses were not able to sit for exams or part of an acceptable excuse to sit for exams or test alternative subject that did not sit .

(F) A student who is absent from the examinations without an acceptable excuse is that have failed the exams.

(G)  cheating in the examinations fraud of the head of the graduate faculty concerned to implement regulations for the college 

.(H) the student who fails in more than a third of the subjects of the study separates

  1. a student who has completed the registration procedures he may pull from the study for a year befor month  from the exam

* These special provisions examinations on the students master by courses and master's degree students by  research  for subjects

- 1-6 cheating and bad behavior punishment

Committee of post graduate at university after know the recommendation that the student  may cheat or misconduct  allow , to sign him  one or more of the following sentence 

  1. directing a cautionary note to the student.
  2.  the student considered fail in the ccourses and given zero. 
  3.  the student  considered fail in all subject(D (off the student out of study for a period specified by the Committee of post  Graduate Studies at the university.
  4. (D (off the student out of study for a period specified by the Committee of post  Graduate Studies at the university.
  5. the final separation of the student)
  6.  the declaration of the offense and the sanctions panel College concerned  or Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research

* Apply these special punishments fraud and misconduct on the Higher Diploma and Master's courses and students of master's degree students by research and courses for according to the subjects

- 7 student performance assessment:

Assesses the student's performance in  courses of  Higher Diploma as follows

:(A) The student will be evaluated each semester an ongoing assessment.

(B) the assessment is according to the following marks and points: -

Marks points
4.00 A
3.50 B+
3.00 B
2.50 C+
2.00 C
zero F

(C) the minimum required for success in the classroom is to get the rate (2.00).

(D) calculate the quarterly average for the student each semester as well as the cumulative average

(E) The minimum for a Higher Diploma is to obtain a cumulative grade point average (2.50)

.(F)  the requirements for success in the Higher Diploma success in all subjects and get a cumulative grade point average that it required

- 8 obtain Higher Diploma

:Professors Council gives the Higher Diploma degree based on the recommendation of the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research

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Since the Higher Education revolution set off and the expansion caused by the revolution. A group of local notables Duwaim initiated to catch up, commit several meetings in Duwaim continued meetings in Khartoum, the active participation of the people from Duwaim in the National Capital . In order to prepare additional memorandum Foundation calls for the establishment of the university in the region.

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