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- Master

:2-1 application: -

 You may apply for a master's degree at the university colleges in one of these ways

:(A) courses only (and period of 3 semesters).

(B) to search only (two-year semesters) 

(C) the courses and search together (period between 3 to 4 semesters)

- 3 admission and registration conditions:

1 / required for admission to master's programs to be developed on hold :

  1. bachelor honors (five or four years) or general bachelor degree very good  from the University of Bakht Alruda or the equivalent in any other university recognized
  2.  General bachelor degree very good in the department concerned with three years experience after experience Appling  adopted by the department , or get a Higher Diploma or Pre-Masters

.(c)  General bachelor year estimate is acceptable in the department concerned with the process of specialization in the field of experience of not less than five years after the submission of the experience certificate approved by the concerned department

2/ The student's registration if he meets the requirements for each college and regestration approved  by a committee of Graduate Studies at the university.

3 / student's registration shall be canceled on the recommendation of the post graduate coordinator of the college concerned

  1. .4 / student who registers for the Master he must be full-time in whole or in part by the requirements of the study

5/ the Student attending a course in scientific research and statistical analysis methods if it considers that department supervisor  the need for it

  1. .6 / student must complete the payment of the expenses before the exam courses or provide the letter for discussion

7/ in the case of  master by  courses and research  the minimum to move to discuss the master is to get a cumulative grade  (3.00).

8 / minimum for a master's by courses system is to get a cumulative grade  (3.00).

 2- 4 exam of  discussing the Master's degree

:(A) a request for an exam to discuss a master's degree provided by the supervisor of the student in form prepared to this  and it will be  month before from the date proposed for the exam 

  1. .(B) For the purposes of oral or practical exam or editorial associated with the message that the student presents himself in time and place to conduct this exam

2- 5 Supervision

  1. shall be appointed for each student completed the registration procedures or research passed the class assessments  one supervisor at least exam
  2. .(C) be supervisorsmembers of the faculty, and may have some supervisors from outside the university.
  3. .(E) approved  nominations supervisors through the Committee of post Graduate Studies at University

1-5  first supervisor tasks

:(A) guide and assist students in the implementation of their research

  1. .(B) help students to draw conclusion and prepare a message (thesis)
  2. .(C) to provide semi-annual report on the progress of the student study

2- 5-2 select the second supervisor:

 The second supervisor is determined in the following cases:

2- 3-5 second supervisor tasks

  1. .(B) Follow-up phase of the collection and presentation of data and analysis.

2-6 thesis - the message:

Master's inthe case of  just research or by courses  and search the student must submit a massage at the end of his studies the following are available: -

  1. to be in either Arabic or English languages and in special cases may allow Deanship of post Graduate Studies to deliver the message in another language, provided that this is done at the start of registration for the degree

. A copy to the university library 2. copy  to a library of  Deanship  of post Graduate Studies and Research  3. copy for supervisor  4. copy to a library of Sudan  5.copy  to a library of the college concerned

* registrar of  Deanship of post Graduate Studies  keeps a copy of the message that is rejected or returned  because  not interpolation  the obtaining the degree and return back copies to the student 

.(H) In the case of approval massage that is published in whole or in part, must be mentioned, "granting degree from the University of Bakht Alruda" in a prominent place

 2- 7 form the thesis - the message:2.7.1 the cover: which can be either hardcopy or volumes, and requires non-bindingmassage until after the discussion to make it easier for researchers to make the modifications required. The following model illustrates the shape of the cover of a thesis or message:

Bakht Alruda University 

 Deanship of post Graduate Studies and Research

 faculty  .............. ................

Department ....................

student preparation 

:student's name ......................

Supervised by:

  first Supervisor

  second Supervisor

Professor name and his scientific degree

Month ..... year ..... m

* Notes

1 / In the case of written scientific research in English placed the university logo in the left corner of the outer shell of the message

.2 / writes calendar month and year in which they discuss the exam and discus the message.

3 / apply this model to the Masters and PhD

2 7 2 heel message: It is the back of the massage about grouping Lt. area and writes it from top to bottom as follows:

scientific Degree followed by the name of specialization, the researcher's name, month and year

2-7-3 Preliminary papers: include by order  the following:

1/ White papers that are after the cover at the beginning and end of the message

.2 / page include the contents of the cover of the message.

3 / page for the exam committee discussion and the names and signatures of the history exam the message discussion.

 4 / page verse or verses. (If it found) 

5 / page gifting. (If it found 

6 / page thanks and gratitude. (If it found)

7 / Table of Contents.

 8/ Index tables contained in the message. (If found)

9 / and charts contained in the message index. (If found)

10 / page shortcuts. (If found)

11 / study Arabic-language summary.

12 / study English summary (Abstract)

3 -7-4 The text: the chapters contained in the thesis or message, including illustrations and tables, graphs and analysis

2-7-5 List of references: the references and all sources in Arabic, English and relied on by the message

.2.7.6 Supplements: They may include a questionnaire and interview questions for the purpose of conducting the study.

2-7-7 Punctuation:

 Pre-numbered pages  alphabetical letters, the chapters are numbered sequentially in the middle of the bottom of the page in Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc ...).

2-7-8 Size and type handwriting :

(A) messages in Arabic  size 14 and type Arabic simple Arabic, single-line spacing.

(B) messages in English  size 14 and type  Times New Roman, line spacing

2-7-9 Color of the cover of the messages:

(A) The blue color of the master search only supplementary research.

(B) the black color of thePhD theses

.2-8 Examiners

  1. Deanship of Post Graduate Studies choose examiners on the recommendation of the  department concerned and the Committee of Post Graduate Studies on faculty concerned three examiners for each student to have one external examiner and experienced specialists in the field of study

A / recommendation to accept or  or reject the message

.B / foundations upon which build on the recommendation in item (a)

.C / Report take of the message asses follows: -

1/ showing of references and sources

.2 / methods used in the research.

3 / results.

4 / discuss the results and the potential for its application.

5 /  search summary.

6 / appropriateness of the letter for publication.

7 / any other notes.s

2- 9 oral examination:

(A) The Committee of the oral exam consist of the first supervisor and external examiner as management and internal examiner and second supervisor supervisor .

(B)  An oral exam is holding after the arrival of Examiners reports all to The  Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research.

(C) The  Examiners provides a joint  report for the  committee of higher studies and scientific research  recommends the following:

1 / success, failure or defer to complete the deficiencies in the period set by the  Examiners.

2 / grounds for the recommendation of the examiners.

3 / contribution of the student or added in scientific progress through his research

(D) The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research study reports and then take the following:

 -1 / recommends to the professors to award the degree to the successful student 

.2 / hide the degree from him.

3 / Select the period of deferment to complete the deficiencies

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